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  • Hi Doc. Don't know who took off my post of Golf Humor but I'm glad that they did. It just didn't come over in the right way. I tried to delete it but no go. How do I get the delete funtion to work?
    Thanks Doc I dont ever expect an instant answer.....olthough my last visit to the va the doc there told me to quit buying green bananas as I might not have time to eat them....and to pay my bill before I left the building!!! tehe....later on when the dust settles , there any way to tie town talk and ff together so the conversations could show up together....dose that make any sense?
    Doc....I kept trying to register here and it kept saying that the ki0ho wasnt axceptable.....and that ki0ho was already in I tried to just log in and bingo Im in....only thing is I dont remember joining before....while Im here how do I just move the avatar and pic of me over here?
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