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    Forum is slow loading

    Doc, When I click on something (anything), it takes upwards of 30-60 seconds before the entire page loads. Waiting for Waiting for
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    Avast Website Rating & Doc's forums

    Avast has a new tool that rates websites in terms of safety/security... similar to the Firefox WOT (web-of-trust). These apps display how trusted/reliable a site is when you do a internet search and it displays on the toolbar when you're on the site. None of Doc's forum sites yet have a...
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    Your profile location

    Since we talk about a lot of location specific things, can people include their location in their profile? At times, it's hard to understand the gist of your post if we don't know where you are. TIA
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    What's your topography like?

    Flat, hills, mountains? Living in PA (where nothing is flat), we have some pretty hilly terrain. My land goes back about 1200' but changes in elevation almost 270'. The house and yard is near the front, where I've graded to make it tolerable, but once I leave the yard, there's places going up...
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    Favorite vacation spots?

    So, speak out on some of your favorite vacation spots. I'll toss out a couple. Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Beautiful place with lots of aquariums, attractions and excellent water parks. Hawaii. Just about any part of it.
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    PA taxes

    So far, they're pretty stable. Rendell increased the State income tax when he first became governor but my local, county & school taxes haven't increased from last year.
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    Trailer wiring harness instructions

    This applies to GM trucks. Not sure about others. Starting with the all new 2007 Full Size Utilities there is no longer an electric trailer brake controller pigtail harness. The trailer brake controller wiring is now part of the I/P wiring harness and the blunt cut wires are located under...