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    rock crawlers

    Anybody know of rock crawler trails around western New York or north central Pa?
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    spring took a dump !

    weather took a crap here, really liked the nice weather we'd been having.Need a reminder of what it might be- anyone have good pics of spring or summer? boats and beaches ? sand and surf? dancing girls and ladies in the sun?:brows:
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    Old tractors

    Anybody else collect old IHC,McCormick-Deering or Farmall tractors ?
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    low brow art

    I collect old pin-up art ,work by Peter Driben,Gil Elvgrin,Fritz Willis and many others. Almost anything of that type.
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    still looking

    for a small place to buy-small house and a barn to keep my tractor[s] out of the weather - couple of acres ,not in town! maybe Potter or Tioga County
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    HI , from western NY!

    I too followed the trail from a couple of Docs other forums