Can you fetch?


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Can you fetch ?
This might be a long story, but I’ll try to keep it otherwise. Are you feeling comfortable? Ok, let’s begin….
I was about 12 when this happened. One of my school mates suddenly asked me in an excited tone :
“Hey Drac…” They called me that at school. I was tall for my age and thin and crept about a lot and often went into corners.
“Hey Drac!”
“Can you fetch?”
“Fetch? Fetch what?”
“No, no! Can you fetch?”
Well, I was getting a bit annoyed and felt like biting him.
“Just bugger off, Buchanan!”
“No, no. I’ll have to show you.”
“Show me WHAT??”
“Look Drac, we’ll have to go down the river bank-“
“The river bank?”
“We can’t be seen. After we’ve gone some 3 miles-“
“Three miles??”
“I’ll show you. “

So we went down the river bank on a dark dull day, until Buchanan felt it safe to ‘show’ me. I was a bit put out when he pulled out his cock. “Hey, hey, what’s the big idea?”
“I’m going to fetch”
I was stunned. He stood there, facing the river and I watched him pulling his pud, something that seemed to go on for ages, when all of a sudden some white stuff flew out of his prick.
“I’ve fetched, I’ve fetched!” Buchanan bawled in rapture.
Dumbstruck, I watched his cock suddenly turn red, blood all over the place. After he’d pulled out his thing, he’d gone hammer and tongs with a gormless expression on his face, only stopped when the ‘milk’ had arrived. Then he picked up some grass to wipe off the white stuff, but only succeeded in cutting his cock. Well, if that was fetching, you could keep it for me!
But he’d got me thinking a bit. I had been getting hard of late and decided to do a ‘Buchanan’. Well, the rest is history, except to say I suddenly felt a surge of pubile pride and had to tell the world. I most certainly did. You have to when at school. It’s like keeping up with the Jones’s…
Or the Buchanans.