Do you have a trailer?


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It can be a bit tricky learning to back a trailer but much like learning to ride a bike, once you got it you'll never forget.

I have numerous trailers, boat trailers, jet ski trailer and generl purpose hauling trailers. By far the hardest to back is the jet ski trailer. It is so short that a minor turn of the wheel can drasticly change the trailer direction.
I used to have to back the jet ski with a full size van. Talk about frustrating. Since I could not see the trailer due to blind spots it could take multiple tries to get the jet ski in the water.

How about you? What kind of trailer do you have?


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Let's see. Got a boat trailer for my 16' boat. Got a 31ft camper. Got a 4 place snowmobile trailer. Got a short little flat deck utility trailer. So I do quite a bit of hauling. I agree Doc. the short trailers are the hardest ones to back up. Hauled the little trailer to make a load to the dump yesterday and that short little thing was all over the place when I backed up.


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Definitely the shorter the trailer, the harder it is to back up.
I had a 12' single axle trailer at one time, bought it used at a year old. My Yanmar tractor fit real nice on it. Then I sold the Yanmar and got the New Holland with a loader. Kinda hard to fit that on the 12' trailer. Then I found a guy to help out with some of my landscape and trees. He overloaded that trailer numerous times. I went looking for a 16' tandem with brakes. They had an 18' with brakes and a split ramp for less money. They'd had it on the lot 18 months. So now I have an 18' Carry-On trailer.


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Jeez, forgot the trailer under the drag boat (Spreckens), with mags, and the one under the Glaspar (Gator) with Baby Moons.


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All my trailers I've built myself. My biggest is a 24' 5th wheel flat bed with steel decking. Next is a 20' pull flat bed, a 12' single axle framed out with 3" x 1/2" angle (wanted it to be hell for stout), a combination single axle trailer-smoker combo, and two small trailers for pulling stuff around the place with one of the ATVs or mowers.


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I have a 16 foot tandem axle utility trailer, but I feel your pain as for backing a jet ski trailer. I have a single boat wave runner trailer that I pulled with a 4 wheel drive truck. It wasn't as bad with the wave runner on the trailer because I could see the handle bars. When I was backing an empty trailer down the boat ramp I would completely lose site of it.


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I have two trailers right now

16' car hauler tag-along
32' car hauler gooseneck

I would say they are about equal to handle backing up. The gooseneck is a sweet hitch for backing. But I have to watch the tail of the trailer due to the good bit of overhange past the axles.

I used to own a wave runner. I too felt the pain of not being able to see it behind

One summer we were all loaded up to take trip to Ocean City, MD. Backed the truck and trailer around to leave. Went down the road to get gas. On the way I am looking in the mirrors trying to figure out why I can see it better on the driver side as compared to the passenger side. Well I bent the darn tongue on the trailer!!!!! So back to the house we go. Loaded the waverunner on its trailer onto the 16' hauler and off we went!!!

Thank goodness i had that other trailer or would have been in the doghouse!