I can't believe it!


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I have a thing against Harley's and the entire rebel deal. The bikes shake, are on trailers more than riden, everybody dresses the same, etc.

Anyway, my neighbor buys and sells auction bikes and cars, usually BMW. He came back the other day with a Harley. Yellow. Nice looking bike. It was NOT shaking. at all!

A "Screamin Eagle". What looks like a fuel tank, but is not, has a badge on it indicating it is a custom vehicle operations bike, or something on that order.

The engine was pieced together by Porsche he says. You can buy them this way from a dealer. VRSC something or other.

Ever see one? Nice. The fuel tank is under the seat. Rides nice too.


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Sounds like a plan. Snap a pic of it when you get a chance. It does sound nice, but like you, I will never own a Harley or a chopper (but I drive an Orange County Chopper truck). :yum:


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The fuel tank is under the seat.

A lot of bikes are like that today. It lowers the center of gravity.


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Here's some pix of the bike


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Looking again, are the pipes square or slash cut at the tips? Kinda hard to see from the angle.