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I haven't looked at my mail for a long time. Yes, I am on facebook but I don't go there all that often. My email is
Wow! I haven't looked at my mail here for a long time. Thanks for the good wishes. I had a very nice birthday.
Been kinda busy. Not as much computer time as I used to. I should drop you an email more often.

Are you on Facebook?
Welcome to Rusty's! We're not a very lively site, but, we try. Leave an intro thread in the intro forum.
Thanks again for joining us!
Yep has been since about 2 pm here , Perty sure Docs working on it though . All of the forums were down for a short while earlier & most seem to be back up now .:wink:
Welcome! Hop on in and introduce yourself. Some of us are hanging out at "The Pleasure Palace" for an evening drink.

I'll buy the first one.
I'll be out of the country from Thursday, April 7 thro to the 12th guys... Have fun, and take care. :)
Hi Doc. Don't know who took off my post of Golf Humor but I'm glad that they did. It just didn't come over in the right way. I tried to delete it but no go. How do I get the delete funtion to work?